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Exhibitor's Press Release



Release Date: August 28, 2017 by SUNTEK MACHINERY CO.,LTD



SUNTEK MACHINERY CO., LTD., is committed to promoting Surface Treatment technology for customer commitment - Surface Treatment Quality With The World.

SUNTEK machanical polishing is committed to promoting technical and aesthetic technology. As one of the leading brands in Taiwan Surface Treatment machine industry, we feel customers expect SUNTEK machinery, especially if you want us to respond to such expectations, the customer as a starting point of  all processes, of course, is not only a commitment, but we have always adhered to the principle.

The principle of customer service,of course, is to respond to customer expectations and timely to meet customer needs. SUNTEK machinery sold not only high-quality machinery, we also a professional attitude Surface Treatment technology, a multi-value Sanding Style This is our permanent commitment, we also continue to adhere to directions.

SUNTEK knows how to choose sanding technology for different surface of different materials according to the past experience for solving special demands of customers. Sanding the surface of wood, metal, plastic and composite material is not a problem for them.

They can satisfy the sanding demands of small scale factory to big scale factory and help to decrease the labors for irregular shape sanding


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