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Furniture sector fetches $4.65m in current fiscal

Release Date: August 29, 2018



The furniture sector fetched export earnings of USD 4.65 million in the current fiscal year 2018–19 in July. This was up from the USD 4.01 million recorded for the same period in the previous financial year 2017-18, thus showing a steady growth of 15.96 per cent.

Industry experts say that the export of furniture products have risen significantly in recent years, including the current year, because of a 15 per cent cash rebate, robust technical knowhow, cheap labour, and the transformation of global giant furniture-makers into high-tech industries have helped to boost the export growth.

Selim H Rahman, president of the Bangladesh Furniture Industries Owners’ Association (BFIOA) told The Independent that China, the largest global furniture-sourcing country for the last couple of decades, had started shifting to high-tech industries.



Source From: theindependent




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