Cancellation of Manufacturing Hanoi 2012 woodworking pavilion.

The event organizer has just made the announcement informing of the cancellation.

We would like to thank all our participants for all their support for the tradeshow, and to extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We will be offering full refunds to all of you who have already paid their space booking fees, or the opportunity to “convert” your Manufacturing Hanoi 2012 space booking to VIETNAMWOOD 2013 space booking, in which case we will provide you with 1:1 for the space you booked. Please send us an email, with the words "REFUND" or "CONVERT" in the subject line, and any additional information or requests in the body of the email.

PS. For those who choose to convert for Vietnamwood 2013 may subject to choose their location in priority which will be starting soon by the end of February 29th, 2012. And the price difference for Hanoi Wood to Vietnamwood will not be charged for those who has booked Hanoi Wood.

Date: September 25-28, 2013 (Biennial event)
VENUE: SECC, Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center


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